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Hictic et son tic

1.01 usd

This interactive book is funny and full of emotion. The main actor is Hictic, a small dinosaur that remains for a long time alone. He is afraid to be laughed at his verbal tic (he puts a sound "hic" at the end of each sentence) and its small size. He is bored and wants to find friends who will love him as he is. In his adventure, he meets two strange earth worms and to an impressive bull ... The story ends around a "good" meal consisting of a mosquitoes' soup ...The 17-page ebook contains more than 100 visual and sound animations to play, count or animate the characters. The child touches the screen with your fingertips and triggers amusing animations. Each movie is accompanied by a playful sound.
The story is in French and multiple games in the story will allow your kid to learn how to count in French. It's possible to deactivate the reading and so your kid can play with the games in the 17 pages without the narration (games like counting, play hide-seek with bunnies, animate objects and personages).
The application contains no advertising and allows your child to fully enjoy games without interruption.
The interactive book allows to:- Listen to the entire story (17 pages)- play hide and seek with 50 small hidden bunnies in these 17 pages- Play with over 30 puzzles- Play memory, level with 6 cards, 12 cards and 18 cards- Dress up game with the bull. Horns, hair and the earring can be changed in a fun way.
Goodies:1) Your kids can learn how to count in French ( picture number + sound) by picking of apples or mushrooms.2 ) Easy navigation with the navigation buttons3) The story is read to your child, but he can also read it himself by disabling the narration4) Each page contains several interactive contents5) Visual help on each page to shows the clickable objects6) as well as more than 30 puzzles, a dress up game, a hide and seek game and a Memory game included in the application8) The memory game has 3 level: 6 cards, 12 cards and 18 cards
Have fun !